Augmented Reality for Skincare: Exploring immersive technologies for beauty retail

In this article, Beauty by Holition reports current market trends and consumer behaviour to analyse the role of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence that are shaping the future of the skincare industry.
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Augmented Reality Guided Tutorials: Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio Case Study

Using our previous experience in virtual cosmetics, we developed Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio: The world's most advanced beauty retail experience featuring Augmented Reality guided beauty tutorials
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Cyber Monday: How beauty brands can optimise their online platforms

This article features a comprehensive list of benefits and tips in order to prepare your beauty brand's website for Cyber Monday, coming up on Monday, November 30th 2020.
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Reimagining Beauty Retail with Virtual Cosmetics

The Beauty industry is dramatically modifying with emerging innovation and interactive technologies. After conducting a discourse analysis, this article entails the impactful shift towards digitisation in response to the evolving consumer behavior.
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