Virtually Try On- 7 Halloween Makeup Looks

October 13, 2022

In this article, Beauty by Holition brings the seven most trending Halloween Makeup Looks using virtual try-on technology. Ignite your inner demons or echo with the most mysterious villains this spooky season using augmented reality. 

Our patented Face SDK technology allows you to try different makeup looks in real time. The platform also uses artificial intelligence to recommend specific makeup looks based on facial features like eye colour, eyebrow shape, face shape, lips, nose and others.


Our creative team developed a range of spooky makeup looks to tempt, excite and simplify the process of picking the right makeup for your Halloween look.

The limited edition platform brings seven dynamic makeup looks inspired by a Vampire, Mad Clown, Sultry Toon, Octopus Witch, Misfit Fashionista, Devil and a Clown SideKick.

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Vampire, Octopus Witch, Mad Clown, Sultry Toon, Devil, Clown SideKick, Misfit Fashionista

Each makeup look has a distinct personality to evoke different emotions for each user. While graphic eyeliners can be worn any day but pairing them with colourful eyeshadows will add the needed drama to your makeup look for Halloween.

Though wearing graphic eyeliners and dramatic eyeshadows is becoming a trend but inspiriting it for Halloween is a must.


From eyelash extensions and dark lipsticks to loud eyeshadows, anything is possible with our virtual reality Halloween experience. Here’s how you can try the most wicked makeup online-

STEP 1: Head to the link to try on Virtual Halloween Makeup here.

STEP 2: Your device camera will automatically apply makeup to your face.

STEP 3: To change the look, Swipe Left and right!

STEP 4: Click “Take a Photo’ and share pictures with your friends anywhere.

If you’re still hunting for a unique Halloween aesthetic, let artificial intelligence be your personal makeup artist recommending the best makeup looks for you.

The Halloween Look Tab on the right side of the screen will analyse your face and use AI to recommend makeup looks based on your facial features like eye colour, face shape, nose and others.

Tap to explore the Before & After slider

Each makeup look is paired with a Before-and-After slider to compare how you look and feel after applying the beautiful effect. Unlike any other filter or app on the market, Beauty by Holition provides hyper-realistic makeup visualisation without extracting user data to ensure a safe & private experience.


The application is free to launch on any device or platform supported by Mac, iOs, Windows and in-browser. The 7 Halloween makeup looks are a treat made after several experiments with makeup artists to provide a virtual experience with nitty-gritty details.

Explore any look on any device in seconds

For an inclusive affair, the application is designed for users of all ethnicities, ages and genders to relish the same results anywhere around the globe at any time.


Find your alter ego this Halloween season with Beauty by Holition's limited edition platform powered by augmented reality & artificial intelligence.

Here you can virtually try on the 7 most trending and easy-to-apply Halloween makeup looks from scary vampires to mad clowns using your device in seconds. 

Beauty brands with thematic campaigns can leverage Virtual try-on technology to upgrade their product promotions on any platform. By using just one line of HTML code, brands can integrate their products on a digital platform and create bespoke makeup looks for their consumers to try on virtually.

With VTO every marketing campaign gains an interactive edge to entice its consumers to try different products and reach a wider audience. Our virtual experience is highly customisable and user-friendly for meaningful storytelling using AI.

Get in touch with our experts to explore the Virtual Try-on experience and the customisable features available for any brand worldwide.

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