Best UX & Creative Practices for Personalised Skincare Experiences

March 2, 2023

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and with it, the way consumers interact with and purchase products. With the rise of e-commerce and technology, personalised shopping experiences have become a must-have for skincare brands looking to engage and convert customers. 

However, product recommendations and custom user journeys are not just about the technology– it is about the user experience (UX) and creative insights that go into it.

In this article, Beauty by Holition brings forward the importance of UX research and creative insights in close collaboration with UX & Strategy Lead Anita Benko and Senior Digital Designer Sasha Hardway at Holition.

As a testament, a case study of our AI Skin Health Analysis tool and product recommendations engine illustrates proven data and insights. 


User demands are changing across all businesses, no matter the size or region of a company. Personalising user needs with custom user journeys is essential for adding unique touch points instead of the traditional cold sales approach on digital or physical platforms.  

Based on a recent study, 81% of design-mature companies believe that design leads to higher sales. (NEA) and 67% of customers say they'll pay more for a great experience (SalesForce).

Customise Questionnaires for your audience

A great example of personalisation is product recommendations in the form of questionnaires. Specifically renowned for skincare brands, Q&A now pairs with AI skin diagnostic tools to analyse users' skin and recommend products based on their unique needs.

For over a decade, Beauty By Holition has partnered with well-known beauty and skincare brands on the foundation of UX research and creative insights to deliver innovative and personalised solutions.


UX and creative insights are the foundation of any successful AI skincare journey. It helps to ensure that the product meets the needs and expectations of the target audience and provides a playful experience.

Tell your Brand Story with a custom UX journey

UX Research & Strategy: Challenges and Opportunities

Our Head of User Experience & Strategy, Anita Benko, describes UX research as one of the most essential steps for a go-to-market product.

Explore the UX journey

Additionally, ongoing research in the immersive technology sectors is crucial as technology and consumer behaviour are ever-evolving. Anita Benko highlights, "As consumers are becoming more used to digital and immersive virtual interfaces, the features and designs need to continuously balance novel, innovative interactions with more standard best design practices."

Holistic method to understand user needs

The necessity of the research step explores and defines the brand objectives, and target users and ensures the experience is tailored to meet the business & user needs best. The process involves:

● Empathising with the needs of users and business

● Defining the base journey & key features.

● Exploring user journey & design alternatives

● Testing, amending the journey and designing solutions to best cater to the needs of user and business objectives

From her experience working with well-known brands, Anita Benko believes that- 

’Each project should ideally start with exploratory research. This initial research can be done in the form of secondary research on the consumers, the brand and the market followed via interviews with consumers or other brand stakeholders to dig deeper into users’ experiences and paint points.” 

These UX insights are important to explore,  define, ideate and validate relevant features and journeys for the product at the start of the design process. Anita adds- “Research is part of the design process- to test and evaluate the new designs for users and improve their experience on an iterative basis.”

Benefits of UX Research

Creative Design Perspective: Challenges and opportunities

The brand experience leaps to the next level when UX insights combine with Creative Design. A website isn't just a medium to gather information but a commonplace where new and existing customers can have an intuitive and playful experience. 

A digital platform which can inform, engage and inspire engagement with the brand's catalogue. As affirmed by a recent study by Adobe- 38% of people will stop engaging with your website if it contains unappealing content and an unattractive layout, meaning it is vital to get it right.

Creative design to capture user’s interest 


Sasha Hardway describes which factor is usually the most important for clients and why- “It’s important to collaborate with the client and define the key measurement of success before the design stages. Having a deep understanding of the challenge will help us successfully approach the creative in a way that is consistent with the brand.’’

Benefits of Creative Design

CASE STUDY: AI Skin Health Analysis Journey

On a practical note, Beauty by Holition created the most advanced  Skin health Analysis journey using a three-step process- Q&A, AI face scan and Product Recommendation.

  1.  Easy Q&A- Split into simple steps with clear images, our questionnaire is customisable to ask the users a set of easy questions about their concerns, gender, skin type and goals. Brands can customise the text for Q&A, font style, images, and branding and even offer multiple languages for their key demographics.
3 Step Questionnaire
  1. Quick AI Face Scan- Following Q&A, the AI Skin health diagnostics engine then tracks over 100 points on your face to analyse acne, blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles in different areas of your face. The diagnostic report is colour-coded with easy-to-read metrics to guide users visually.
Face scan and analysis using AI
  1. Product Recommendation- At last, the users get product recommendations according to their unique needs, concerns and skin type. This is guided by a back-end Content Management System(CMS) where brands can feed product details like price, images, and ingredients, localise language or package several products for a specific regimen. The limit for customisation is endless!
Personalised Product Recommendation

From the perspective of a Creative design expert, Sasha Hardway adds- ‘’The success of the design is rooted in a deeper understanding of the challenge and the needs of people. This is why collaboration between UX and creative is crucial, applying design thinking through our collective insights and knowledge, and working with end-users to validate them.’’


The conversation with UX Lead and Creative Designer at Holition highlights the importance of a custom user journey and personalised recommendation for a go-to-market product that understands the needs of users and businesses with the utmost relevance.

For the most effective results, Beauty by Holition has observed that user experiences also depend on the back end of each website. As in how the application appeals to the user, which areas of the website the users find valuable and which touch-points are the best ways to communicate the brand story.

The insights from UX research bring an understanding of user pain points. When this information is analysed and paired with Creative Design, then innovative solutions seamlessly connect brands with their audience to increase engagement, raise global visibility, and boost conversion and sales.

Certainly, the future of the e-commerce experience will see a spike in tech innovations in the customer journey with the growing acceptance of AI and AR platforms. 

Visit Beauty By Holition and explore more about our innovative and personalised solutions for the skincare and beauty industry.

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