AR Virtual Try On- The Christmas Play

December 12, 2022

In time for the festivities, Beauty by Holition has launched an AR virtual makeup experience for the holly-jolly season. The immersive application allows users to try on the 6 best Christmas looks using augmented reality and find their perfect product fit in no time.

Based on a recent study, 54% of consumers will go to 5 or more channels to research the product for its value. Specifically, for the beauty industry, it is observed that more than 57% of beauty consumers are browsing online before they make an in-store purchase.

This data shows the need for brands to expand their online presence with creative ideas. Our virtual try-on technology offers cutting-edge and scalable solutions to attract shoppers using beautiful product visualisation in real time.

The best Christmas Makeup Looks using AR 


Thematic campaigns are a unique marketing opportunity for beauty brands to show customers diverse ways to use their products and be part of “what’s trending” on social media channels.

With ever-changing beauty trends, finding unique styles is easy but trying your favourite selection is not. This is where our Christmas AR virtual try-on comes into its own. Using insights from UX research, our creative team has built the best makeup looks for all skin types, ages and gender. 

Each makeup look provides an exciting personality for users with AR filters like Candy Cane Lover, Snow Queen, Sapphire Gaze, Golden Glow, Glitter Green and Christmas Eve. Try it now for an extra layer of cheer and joy!

Try AR Christmas Makeup Now 


The magic of AR Christmas empowers users to try full face makeup on any device supported by Mac, iOS, Android or Windows.

STEP 1: Tap here to virtually try beautiful Christmas makeup looks

STEP 2: Your device camera will automatically apply makeup to your face.

STEP 3: Change the look by swiping left and right!

STEP 4: Click 'Take a Photo' and share pictures with your friends anywhere.

Scan the QR code for a free trial


The holiday season is always the busiest time for brands and marketers to generate revenues since shopping behaviour of consumers changes drastically.

From feeling the need to buy to getting on a website for inspiration or comparing products on search engines, every step in the user journey is a chance to earn the attention of your existing or new customers.

Launch on any Device

With AR Virtual try-on for Christmas, brands can promote their holiday campaigns creatively by combining two or more products to create special makeup looks. The beautiful product visualisation differentiates your brand from others and entices users to get engaged. 

The digital platform is highly engaging with features like before and after slider, product recommender, face scan, take a photo, and add-to-cart. It has recorded over a 300% increase in conversion rate, a 20% rise in add-to-cart and a 5.3% boost in average time spent on the site. 

Use the Before & After slider


Upgrade your eCommerce platform to a meta experience with the magic of Christmas Makeup AR try-on and track all the engagement on the platform like popular products, dwell time and audience behaviour in real-time. 

The completely customisable AR makeup application has a proven track record for increasing sales, brand awareness and conversion rates.

Now you can build your own true-to-life AR virtual try-on with our patented Face SDK technology. Our monthly subscription comes with end-to-end support for brands. From subscribing to product calibration and launch! 

Get in touch with us for a free AR Demo try-on and experience the future of beauty.  

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