Virtual Skincare Lab™- The science of skin health amplified by AI facial tracking

March 23, 2022

Refined Methods and Technological Formulations for Consumers

With Virtual Skincare Lab™, brands can now offer tailored product recommendations by analysing wrinkles, pigmentation, spots and blemishes, fine lines, crow's feet, skin tone, and more.

According to the beauty industry, 46% of consumers say that they will continue to use virtual consultations even after the pandemic is over.

Further studies suggest that 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase decision when product recommendations are personalised to them. 

While 58% of shoppers say they are more likely to buy from a business that offers an online quiz to recommend specific beauty products for them.

Drawing from industrial research, the Virtual Skincare Lab™ integrates a carefully designed Q&A with face scan AI models on a virtual platform. It enables a regimen and product recommendation journey that is easy to understand and fine-tune in the user’s routine. 

Virtual Skincare Lab™- Unlock your best skin with AI

Virtual Skincare Assessment 

The Virtual Skincare Lab™ assesses user's skin health and creates a personalised ritual by incorporating advanced technologies like:

  • Facial Tracking: Our patented technology can detect and track over 500 points on a human face, thus recognising different facial expressions.
  • Facial Analysis: The algorithm identifies the shape of eyes, nose, face, lips along with skin-tone, colour or any skin health issue on a human face.
  • Q&A & Product Recommendations: A deep learning technology that filters data and provides tailored knowledge of relevant products to users.

Customise Questionnaire to understand user needs

Deployment and Customisation

Our consistently updated CMS offers hundreds of built-in product templates, questionnaires, features like diverse fonts and languages, full-routine recommendations and product add-ons. 

The easy to use in-browser product management tool enables brands to upload thousands of skincare products in a database for bespoke recommendations to customers. 

Launch the AI SkinHealth experience on any device

Through Virtual Skincare Lab™, the sophisticated experience can easily be deployed in thousands of stores and websites at the click of a button.

Moreover, Beauty By Holition focuses on prioritising privacy & safety for both brands and users. Hence all PII user data is processed and kept within their device and is not transmitted over the internet. 

Concluding Thoughts

As we continue to progress our technology, our Virtual Skincare Lab™ positions the customer experience at the core of our R&D strategy and maximises the accuracy of skincare diagnosis, designed for the most conscious audience.

Now skincare brands can optimise the digital skincare journey based on the demand of their targeted audience to raise consumer engagement, boost sales and reduce the product return rate.

Here, the touch of personalisation is winning consumers who are adamant about choice paralysis and are looking to make an informed purchase decision for Skincare products. 

Time to delve deeper into the world of hyper-accurate and effective skincare diagnostic tools with Virtual Skincare Lab™. Request a live consultation with our experts or try it yourself.

Best Regards, 

The Beauty By Holition team

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