Beauty by Holition™ offers various solutions to meet your business needs

Beauty by Holition’s suite of virtual try-on solutions empower brands to create their own unique beauty experience.

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Rapid Deployment Web Application

Our easily deployable and multi-feature Web Application brings virtual try-on to your brand in minutes.

The Web-based nature of our application means your customers can access it from any device, at any time.

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Beauty Engine

Already have an App or Website? Seamlessly integrate our Beauty Engine to begin your virtual try-on experience.

This is the staple of our beauty offering, where your journey starts. We supply you with our Software Development Kits (SDK), which are available for integration by you, across the following platforms:




Virtual Cosmetics Lab™
Experience makeup visualisations across twelve types of cosmetic products.
Virtual Skincare Lab™
Create accurate and hyper-personalised skincare assessments powered by AI.

Key Features

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Design Unique Makeup For Your Brand

Our easy-to-use in-browser calibration tool allows you to create a beautiful try-on solution for any platform with hundreds of built-in product templates and features.  Our CMS and its level of customisation is the result of years of working alongside world-leading Makeup Artists.

Add Your Virtual Products

Use our Calibration Tool to colour-match and bring to life thousands of your beautiful products, across more than 10 cosmetics product categories.

Live View Port

Colour-match and try-on your new products while viewing any changes made in real-time, using the Calibration Tool's live view port.

Data Management and Hyper-Realistic  Colour-Matching

Build hyper-realistic cosmetics looks using advanced colour shading tools and multiple texture parameters, ensuring your virtual products meet the standards of your physical products.

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