Elevating the retail experience with augmented reality

September 22, 2020

The Beauty industry is evolving at a substantial pace with the emergence of technological innovations. Here Augmented Reality has become the most promising and valuable tool to satisfy consumer expectation and foster user experiences. In this article, we have identified the salient benefits of AR and how it is shaping the future of Beauty brands.

Elevate the traditional Retail Experience

The smart retailers are now upgrading their primitive brick and mortar business models to stay relevant in the growing competitive market. Retailers are now using AR to develop omni-channel strategies that can enforce a unified experience for customers.

Moreover, Beauty brands are employing AR to manage their stock for reduced inventory cost while also shelving an extensive range of products to satisfy the prerequisite need of consumers to try-on before buying. 

Delight Consumers

Being conscious of the demand, brands are gripping the trending AR features that add a playful dimension to the several retail touch points ranging from researching, selecting, trying to purchasing.

With AR, brands can optimise the customer journey and reduce the chances of product return while stimulating a playful and fun dimension. Here the engagement also kicks-up several notches when AR-enabled 3D graphic content replaces the regular modes of storytelling.

Personalise Brand Experiences

Using AR, brands can now seize the new data-sharing attitude among consumers and deliver personalised experiences instead of batch-and-blast methods. 

Here meaningful interactions can be curated through virtual try-on and 1:1 consultation to capitalise consumer’s emotions and provide real-time suggestions. These experiences are now feasible on both mobile applications and e-commerce websites for seamless transactions.

Enhance Consumer Purchase Decision

In addition to personalised experiences, AR now enables brands to target buyer’s remorse. It means that pain points like choice paralysis and lack of try-before-buying incentives can be relieved through technology to meet consumer needs. 

Consumers can access product information from their comfort zones and also try on a range of products regardless of privacy and time restrictions. Hence adding valuable incentives like confidence and satisfaction to the shopping experience.

Advance Marketing Strategies

Undoubtedly retailers are already iterating their practices to enable personalised marketing. Especially with the attention span becoming shorter every day, retailers can leverage AR to spark immediate interest among consumers using intuitive and interactive tools.

Case: Charlotte’s Magic Mirror   

In a recent collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury, Beauty by Holition created one of a kind Magic Mirror that allows consumers to instantly try ten infamous looks due to smooth make-up logistics that also increases dwell time in the store. 

The launch was proven successful to both brand and consumers due to Holition’s hyper-realistic AR that later resulted in 11 deployments around the globe.


With social reality becoming more challenging, retailers are now convinced to adopt innovation-driven by AR to ascend the competitive ladder in the Beauty industry.

From brand experience, purchase decisions, customer satisfaction and resolving stock and marketing hurdles, the AR will benefit brands to strategise a new retail story. It’s time when Beauty brands can finally ensure a hassle-free interaction where each footfall also marks an increased customer return rate. 

Keeping pace with consumer expectation and technological momentum is becoming more achievable now with Beauty by Holition. The app computes personalised solutions, intuitive experience using Augmented Reality.

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