Glow Beauty Filter- Redefine beauty experience using virtual cosmetic solutions

February 24, 2022

Beauty by Holition is piloting the beauty industry with the launch of Glow Beauty Filter. The newly designed tool enables accurate real-time face tracking and enhanced augmented reality foundation visualisations for different skin types and concerns like pigmentation, colouration or fine lines.

From extensive research, we have observed the amplifying interest of consumers for radiant and dewy skin for luminous everyday looks. Meanwhile, the Industry Reports, highlight that the healthy glow is widely seen as a priority by 72% of beauty consumers.

Hence our research & development team has contributed significant measures to deliver the most advanced version of Glow Beauty Filter to enhance the experience of beauty consumers. 

The Glow Beauty Filter- Powered by AR

The newly designed tech solution brings together our decades of experience in the beauty industry to provide the most realistic and reliable results while optimising technology. 

“ The Glow Beauty Filter is scaled to spark consumers' interest, increase sales, dwell time and uplift their virtual impressions on the brand’s website. ”

Hence the virtual try-on prevents altering the user’s facial features but renders a healthy glow on their skin while slightly smoothing the visible facial imperfections using augmented reality. 

Moreover, users can instantly save and share their pictures without trying on full makeup looks virtually during the digital experience.

Diverse filters to cover all preferences 

Understanding the consumer's needs to achieve a healthy glow with smooth skin and even complexion, the newly designed Glow filter offers three presets. 


For minimum enhancement, the Natural Glow filter applies a subtle foundation and light glow on cheeks, nose, forehead and cupid’s bow for everyday looks. 


While the Bright Glow applies a medium coverage foundation with an overall bright glow that is fuller on the cheeks and softer on the forehead and nose.


Building on previous presets, the Heavy glow filter renders a heavier foundation with an even more refined glow. 

The mild difference in the Glow filters allows users to visualise and understand their needs for specific looks.

Concluding Thoughts

With the ever-growing awareness and expanding needs of the beauty industry, Beauty by Holition aims to innovate solutions that cover the needs and desires of both brands and consumers.

The Glow Beauty Filter harnesses machine learning and augmented reality to track users’ facial features and render beautiful visualisation in real-time. 

The proprietary in-browser technical solution runs across all devices and platforms supporting mac, iOS, android and windows without any region constraints. 

The pioneering beauty-tech solutions prioritise privacy & safety for both brands and users. Hence all user data is processed and kept within the user device and is not transmitted over the internet. 

Explore and immerse yourself in a hyper-realistic experience for all beauty enthusiasts. Try it now and Get in touch with our experts to explore the product features.

Best Regards, 

The Beauty By Holition Team

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