Virtual Lipstick Try Ons- The Success Story of CTZN Cosmetics 

April 13, 2022


The innovative brand, CTZN cosmetics was founded by three sisters Aleena, Aleezeh and Naseeha Khan with the mission to create an all-inclusive makeup experience, designed to satisfy people of all skin tones. 

Famous for NUDIVERSAL Lip Duo, the power-trio commenced the brand after seeing a lack of diversity in the beauty industry way beyond skin tones. The founders noticed that- "the same issues were prevalent in beauty product formulations, where certain skin tones and undertones are often not considered."

This inspired brand to promote inclusivity at its core while also supporting global sustainability goals by being 100%, cruelty-free, paraben and talc-free. 


Client Testimonial- CTZN Cosmetics

The team behind CTZN cosmetics were keen on finding the perfect lipstick shade for any skin tone so they designed a unique questionnaire to understand consumer behaviour. 

Moreover, they needed the virtual try-on technology that translated consumer insights into an inclusive & immersive experience. As stated by one of the founder- 

“We have 25 Shades of nude lipsticks and glosses that look so different on every skin tone, so having this technology was crucial for us,” says Ms Naseeha Khan, Co-founder of CTZN Cosmetics."

CTZN cosmetics partnered with Beauty by Holition to integrate Lipstick Virtual Try-On solution powered by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to bring their vision live on their website. 



Beauty By Holition uses augmented reality & artificial intelligence to create stunning product visualisations for in-store and e-commerce platforms. The user-friendly tool is a click away to empower brands with their own unique beauty experience. 

Virtually try on different Lipstick textures- Glossy, Matt, Satin, Opaque and more

Here consumers can experiment with different beauty products and makeup looks without the hassle of physical try-on. This further sparks their interest to explore and try something new. 

The Lipstick virtual try-on technology tracks hundreds of points across the face and lips to render products with exact shades, shine, matte, gloss, satin and opaque finishes. The advanced rendering happens in real-time and over the live video stream on the user server.

The full suite of our Makeup Virtual Try-on™ is highly scalable and can be adapted to suit the brand's needs. The proprietary in-browser technical solution runs across all devices and platforms supporting mac, iOS, android and windows without any region constraints.  


Beauty by Holition is committed to delivering the most realistic and immersive experiences. It encourages a constant conversation and a relationship with cosmetic brands and their team to achieve the most meaningful results.

In our recent conversation with Ms Naseeha Khan, Co-Founder of CTZN Cosmetics, we assessed their feedback and data metrics to optimise the digital experience for their recently launched new product line.

Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement time on your website



Drawing from research & data, Beauty by Holition concludes that virtual try-on solution boosts the overall user engagement on the website and brand awareness

It is certain that in the future, virtual try-on technology will get more and more involved in the way consumers behave and decide what concerns the beauty industry. Beauty by Holition aims to innovate solutions that cater to the growing needs of both brands and consumers. 

By synthesising client feedback, it is clear that augmented reality and artificial intelligence will continue to revolutionise the way consumers interact with beauty products and brands. 

Explore our Virtual Try-on solution and emerge into a journey filled with beautiful product visualisations. Try it Now and Get In Touch with our experts. 

Best Regards, 

Beauty By Holition team

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