AR Virtual Makeup Experience with Loubi-Mirror | Christian Louboutin 

July 17, 2023

Leading global beauty retailer, Puig, approached our team of experts to develop augmented reality-enabled in-store Magic Mirrors for Christian Louboutin’s stores in London’s leading department stores, Harrods and Selfridges.

Addressing In-store Shopping Challenges

Understanding the challenges faced while shopping in-store, Beauty by Holition marked some major pain points like the overwhelming product choices, the struggle of decision-making, and the need for a hygienic try-on experience. 

To revolutionise how consumers interact with the physical beauty store, Beauty by Holition collaborated with Puig to develop the Loubi-Mirror, an augmented reality-enabled Magic Mirror designed to transform how you discover and experience beauty products.



Unleash Hyper-Realistic Beauty Looks

Beauty lovers worldwide admire Christian Louboutin's highly-pigmented lipsticks and lustrous cosmetic products. The AR-guided Loubi-Mirror captures the essence of the brand by accurately showcasing its iconic products within the virtual try-on experience. 

With our patented FACE SDK technology, the Loubi-Mirror brings the power of hyper-realistic visualisations right to your fingertips. Consumers with any skin tone can step in front of the mirror and watch as it accurately tracks over 100 points on your face. 

Immerse in Christian Louboutin's World of Beauty

Discover your signature Loubi look, create mesmerising beauty combinations, and let your creativity soar as you explore the world of Christian Louboutin's beauty collection.

The Loubi-Mirror lets you explore Christian Louboutin's renowned beauty collection right in-store, effortlessly try-on different shades and finishes until you find your perfect match. Allowing you to create stunning beauty looks that reflect your style and personality.



The Loubi-Mirror by Beauty by Holition revolutionises the way customers try and experience beauty products. Our innovative technology, hyper-realistic visualisations, and seamless integration of brand aesthetics create an immersive and engaging journey for every customer. 

Inspired by Christian Louboutin's high glamour aesthetic, the Loubi-Mirror captivates store-goers to increase in-store dwell time, product try-ons, engagement rate and sales!

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