How Annabelle Minerals uses Virtual Makeup Try-On

June 29, 2022


Founded by Anna Szczerba, Annabelle Minerals is an environmentally conscious brand that creates mineral cosmetics for every skin type.

Being featured in famed publications like Elle.com, The Independent and Glamour, the brand is highly valued for its natural and 100% organic makeup based on only four ingredients. 

Now with over 24.9K followers on Instagram, Annabelle Minerals unites with Beauty by Holition’s advanced Virtual Try-on technology to foster eco-friendly goals and interact with consumers at a more personal level.

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Like most brands with a strong focus on their online presence, Anabelle Minerals aims to gain maximum customer satisfaction using a sustainable route for the company’s growth and sales.

Highlighting the challenges, Luiza Lipinska as the Marketing Director of the brand adds- ‘’Shopping for makeup, especially online, can be very confusing and we wanted to make the customer’s journey easier. Yes, we can advise on matching the shade, our team is well prepared for that, but when you see the product on your face for yourself, isn’t it more convincing? ‘’. 

Understanding the user needs, their creative team was set on a search for the best virtual try-on experience that eliminates shopping confusion and reduces product returns without getting into too much technical hassle. 

For their vision of makeup that acts as skincare, Annabelle Minerals partnered with Beauty by Holition to develop a seamless e-commerce experience that fosters eco-friendly policies and ensures no confusion while shopping.

With an emphasis on sustainability, Ms Lipinska mentions- ‘’Future is eco friendly. Taking responsibility for the environment remains one of our top goals as a company”.

Client testimonials after using the Virtual Try-On Technology

Even the recent industry reports suggest that eco-friendly and environmentally conscious brands have a higher acceptance rate by a mass audience.’’ Today, nearly 90% of Gen X consumers said that they would be willing to spend an extra 10% or more for sustainable products, compared to just over 34% two years ago.’’

Undoubtedly, Virtual Try-ons have far more significance in the beauty industry than an Instagram filter per se. Apart from hyper-realistic product visualisations, VTOs also promote product try-ons without the need for actual samples, reducing carbon footprint.

Clearly, with VTO technology beauty brands can reach eco-friendly goals and empower their customers to try numerous products on their own to make a confident purchase decision.

By tracking visitors’ engagement on the application, brands also hold the opportunity to enhance customer service and encourage their operation teams to notice and act on specific consumer concerns quickly.

Beautiful Product Visualisation of Eyeshadow

Most importantly, Virtual Try-ons sparks interest in a wide range of audiences by offering different SKUs, product categories, shades, textures and effects to customers who are usually hesitant to try something new.

Above all, the Content Management System behind the virtual experience integrates any number of product or product categories. This highly intuitive platform doesn’t require any specific skill or training to integrate cosmetic products.


Online cosmetic try-ons reduce the need for product samples or testers, as customers can see how the product looks on them from their personal devices.

Being part of the climate change discourse is a win-win strategy for both brands and their audience. It shows their conscious contribution while educating the audience about the sustainable future of the beauty industry. 

Additionally, deploying VTOs helps brands give alternative options to their diverse audience. An inclusive experience is a way for modern cosmetic brands to gain attention from the next generation of consumers.

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