Beauty Metaverse- Future of Immersive Ecommerce Experience

January 12, 2023

Reality is ever-changing, blurring the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds. With this new reality, the idea of beauty has changed from a commodity to an immersive, creative, engaging and educational experience. 

Discover our Virtual Try-on technology for Coty’s Kylie Jenner World in collaboration with Goldsheep and Studio Blup, which bridges the in-store and online realms. 

At present, Metaverse has become a buzzword for fashion, gaming and the social networking industry on a global scale, inspiring a drastic shift in marketing and operational direction. Forecasting it as a  growing market with a value of 800$ billion by 2024 based on a study by Bloomberg Intelligence.

While experts are trying to define it in the context of their business models, Beauty by Holition aims to weave the influence of Metaverse into the Beauty industry using our latest collaboration with Goldsheep and Studio Blup for Kylie Cosmetics and Boots.com.


The concept of the Metaverse was first introduced in a dystopian novel- Snow Crash, in 1992 by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson. Later, in 1999 the movie Matrix showed a glimpse of what the merge of real and virtual would look like, with fans around the world obsessing about the concept.

Today Metaverse has evolved as an upcoming big-tech platform for online game makers, social networks and e-commerce sites to deliver an engaging, persistent, and shared mix of real and virtual 3D realms.

In other words, Metaverse is the union of physical and virtual worlds in the next stage of the internet and networks using real-time 3D software. Drawing from popular opinions, it brings the next exciting opportunity for companies to capitalise on new revenue streams.

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During the META press release, Vishal Shah, Director of Product Management, mentioned that- "the Metaverse will remove many physical constraints we see on e-commerce today."

Vishal also interviewed  Jackie Aina, a beauty creator and an advocate of people of colour in the Cosmetics industry. Jackie believes that the Metaverse will be a space where her customers would enter the brand's story. An immersive experience where you can build community and engage with the customers more intimately.

With Metaverse, brands have infinite power to imagine and express themselves without being limited by possible real-life constraints.  Jon Roman, SVP of Global Consumer Marketing of Estee Lauder, adds that this will unlock new areas of inclusivity and abstract self-expression.


Foreseeing user expectations, Beauty By Holition had already predicted the importance of merging the physical with the virtual space. From launching the World’s first Magic Mirrors to delivering the most advanced Makeup Virtual Try ons and Skin health analysis tools on digital platforms.

With just one line of HTML code, any large or small to medium-sized beauty brand can integrate this AR experience on any platform or device in minutes.  

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Beauty by Holition was recently invited to work with innovative creative studio Goldsheep and Studio Blup, for Coty’s project Kylie Jenner Cosmetics 3-D shopping room at Boots.com

The integration complements the virtual environment because people can buy available Kylie Cosmetics after trying on her infamous matt lipsticks while relishing the vibe of an actual store and its pure aesthetics. This enhanced the consumer's overall experience and led 71% of users to enter more than one room.


Virtually Try on Kylie Lipsticks and play around with different shades.

The user journey includes entering the virtual experience, exploring products, virtually trying on the different Kylie matt lip kit shades and then adding-to-cart to complete their purchase on Boots.com. In short- Click, Try and buy!

Studio Blup measured that since its launch the AR experience has gathered over 25.5K unique visitors and a 5x increase in purchase intent compared to UK’s average e-commerce. The seamless journey led 12% of all users to add products to their baskets, enhancing ROI.

Moreover, this experimental collaboration built genuine data that any beauty brand can enter a virtual space using Virtual Try-on technology and redefine its brand story for increased consumer engagement and sales.


With the Metaverse gaining more attention every day, brands are adapting the new user personas that interact more and more with digital platforms and crave virtual touch-points.

These virtual touch-points in no way diminish the value of a physical product-user interaction but allow brands to upgrade and offer consumers exciting new ways to engage with their story whilst experiencing a whole new realm of 3D experiences.

Using Virtual Try-on technology, product-user interaction is strengthened and becomes a natural relationship, enticing users to return to the digital platform to experiment with different products and makeup look.

Learn more about the process of integrating Virtual Try-on technology and ways to create your Meta-reality with Beauty By Holition.  

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