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September 3, 2020

01. Challenge - 'Design The Future of How to Shop for Makeup'

As the largest independent beauty provider, Charlotte Tilbury has built her name across a diverse audience in the beauty industry, always striving to make “EVERY WOMAN the most BEAUTIFUL VERSION OF THEMSELVES”.

In an effort to enchant Charlotte Tilbury’s customers, we were invited to look into the in-store consumer experience for inspiration about how to create a retail installation that would help with three key pain points, surfaced when purchasing beauty products in-store: 1) Choice paralysis, 2) Lack of try-before-you-buy incentives and 3) hygiene concerns. So, we ideated ‘Charlotte’s Magic Mirror’.

02. Solution - A Theatrical Experience Based on Practicality

‘Charlotte’s Magic Mirror’ is the world’s first augmented reality magic mirror that enables users to instantly try on 10 of Charlotte Tilbury’s infamous makeup looks virtually, eliminating the hassle of applying removing makeup, time, and expertise. The mirror aimed to not only tackle makeup try-on logistics, but also increase dwell time and number of interactions in the store.

Equipped with a selfie and share function, plus an algorithmic recommendation tool to find you the perfect look, Charlotte's Magic Mirror is much more than your average makeup tool.

03. Insight - A Powerful Reflection

Since launching two original Charlotte's Magic Mirrors in London in 2016, the installations have been a smashing success, provoking us to launch 11 deployments around the globe in London, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi.

As well as the commercial success, the mirror has also contributed to emotional success amongst consumers who have used it. In one of our recent studies, it was discovered that consumers' self-perception is enhanced by using AR platforms and more specifically, Beauty by Holition's hyper-realistic AR, due to personalised augmentation; and that after having used the AR mirror, consumers were more likely to purchase.

"Charlotte Tilbury's New Virtual 'Magic Mirror' Serves As Active Make-Up Selling Tool"

- Forbes

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