Virtual Foundation Lab™ - AI powered foundation matching

May 17, 2022


Recent studies highlight that 62% of the women surveyed require help to find the right foundation shade at a brick-and-mortar store.

Even after getting help from a store assistant,  54% of women report buying more than one cosmetic product due to a lack of confidence about the purchased foundation shade. 

When asked if they would use a device or tool to help discover the perfect shade, 86% of women were eager to try a handheld device in-store that can accurately find their perfect foundation match. 

The above data pushed the beauty industry to acquire technological solutions to strengthen the trust of their customers and boost sales. 

From field experience, R&D expertise and our client's concerns to raise customer satisfaction, we foresee the Virtual Foundation Lab™- the AI shade finding technology as a must-have necessity for beauty brands with both in-store and online presence. 

Our Head of R&D Kat Matusevich comments-"It is a challenging task to figure out the actual skin tone of a person from just a picture. Skin colour in a picture can appear different due to lighting conditions. Using AI we can discover hidden patterns in facial images under different lights, helping brands recommend the perfect match."

Analyse your face tone with AI


Beauty By Holition’s cutting-edge foundation shade finding technology uses deep learning AI to analyse and identify the skin tone of consumers from diverse ethnicities. This tool produces a continuous tonal output that directly compares with any number of foundations in the brand's database to find the perfect match. 

To develop Virtual Foundation Lab™ wide range of skin tone samples were examined using a dedicated skin tone measuring device to produce an accurate baseline. 

Moreover, this baseline data then successfully trained the real-time AI models to detect skin colour under various lighting conditions.

Our CTO Russell Freeman affirms it as a game-changer and explains- Being able to embed real-time AI technology into any web-page is changing how beauty consumers search and shop online. Our Virtual Foundation lab™ makes the experience of finding the perfect foundation match easy. Seamlessly paired with our leading real-time Virtual Try-On web solution completes the sales journey with a ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience.


Integrating the Virtual Foundation Lab™ is a quick and easy process. Using a few lines of HTML Code, brands can deploy the immersive experience in minutes.

To begin the experience, users can enter the brand's platform and start the face scan analysis to track more than 100 points on their faces using machine learning algorithms. 

Before the face scan, the user also gets a few instructions to understand the process and results. The face scan covers a wide range of skin tones from light, medium, tan to dark.

Explore the perfect foundation for any skin type

Following the face scan, users identify their unique skin tone. Using shade finding technology that harnesses AI, it then recommends the perfect foundation shade for consumers' specific needs.

The pioneering beauty-tech solution prioritises privacy & safety for both brands and users. This means that all user data is processed and kept within the user's device and is not stored or transmitted over the internet.

Click to launch the experience on your own device


By observing the beauty industry, investigating consumer needs and reflecting on user feedback, the Virtual Foundation Lab™ is created with the most effective & reliable technology for finding the perfect foundation shade for any skin tone.

The shade finding technology simplifies the user journey from understanding their skin tone, identifying their foundation shade and making a confident purchase. Supported by any device worldwide, it deploys within minutes on any operating system from in-browser, mac, iOs, or windows.

As beauty-tech solutions continue to shape the way brands interact with their customers, Beauty By Holition persistently stands ahead of the innovation curve to benefit the most concerning brands and their respective customers. 

Follow the link to try our Virtual Foundation Lab™ and discover various features. For further queries you can also Get in touch with our experts to request a demo call. 

Best Regards, 

Beauty By Holition Team

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