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June 20, 2024


As digital solutions proliferate, choosing the right one for your business can be daunting. At Beauty by Holition (BBH), we've simplified that decision with our latest AI skin health analysis tool, NeoSkin. This cutting-edge solution can accurately detect common skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and blemishes. NeoSkin then provides users with personalised routine recommendations and educational insights into their skin issues, all through an intuitive and seamless experience. 

Whilst NeoSkin provides a seamless and intuitive exploration of the users skin health, and makes smart routine recommendations, the solution is also geared towards strategic business needs. The technology brought to the market by BBH understands that it is important for brands to stand out in a saturated market, improve their customer retention, increase basket size, and drive sales online. Additionally, NeoSkin produces highly accurate skin-health analysis results, and prides itself on never transmitting or storing personal data.

Here are three ways in which NeoSkin considers your business needs & enables brand growth;

  1. A recommended user journey with a fully customisable User Interface to facilitate a distinct brand experience. 
  2. Advanced analytics derived from deep interaction of the NeoSkin app, which can help inform your strategy.
  3. Rapid integration & easy scalability making BBH solutions truly out-of-the-box.

Customisable User Interface (UI)

1. Copy & Branding:

The out-of-the-box NeoSkin solution, has been designed off the back of the learnings of several bespoke projects such as Rabanne, Burberry, & Charlotte Tilbury, and multiple rounds of user testing. The out-of-the-box solution is the recommended journey & layout from our team of experts that have been pioneering AI skin analytics solutions for over a decade. Nonetheless, the solution still allows each brand & retailer to customise UI features to seamlessly adapt to your branding. These customisations are available to our clients through the back-end of the Client Management System (CMS), and include customization of fonts, images, logos, colours & copy. 

2. Layout & Additional Features: 

For brands & retailers which require more specific design considerations, but not quite a bespoke journey, the team at Beauty by Holition offers a UX consultancy & design service, which may include considerations for a time-out page if NeoSkin needs to be deployed on the shop floor, additional features such as ‘favourites’, or more operational features such as keeping track of stock.

3. Layout & Fully Bespoke Solutions:

NeoSkin is also available as a raw Software Development Kit (SDK), which means that AI technology powering the solution can be embedded within any UX journey or UI design. Whether the brand has their own UX/ UI designs, or is interested in collaborating with the team of experts at BBH, the NeoSkin raw SDK can be seamlessly deployed within a bespoke experience.

Advanced Analytics

The team at Beauty by Holition is proud of bringing technology to the market that never stores, collects, or shares personal user data. Nonetheless, NeoSkin comes with access to a robust suite of analytics aka Neo Report which can help inform your business strategy.

Neo Report is powered by Looker Studio (Google Platform), and provides you with highly comprehensible data visualisations & analytics of how exactly NeoSkin is being utilised by your consumers. Consumer analytics on Neo Report include but are not limited to tracking the number of scans per session, products that have been favorited/ added to bags, and the duration of each session. Furthermore, Neo Report provides valuable user insights, including the regions where the AI skin health diagnostic solution is being accessed from, as well as the types of devices used to access the experience. Should NeoSkin be deployed in an omnichannel way, Neo Report will reflect which channels precisely the solution was accessed from. 

Rapid Integration & Scalability

Our AI skin health diagnostic solution has been optimised to perform for enterprises of all sizes; Whether you are a bootstrapped start-up with just a few products, or a large retailer with 10,000+ SKUs, NeoSkin now features a bulk upload functionality streamlining the set-up process and simultaneously making it an easily scalable tool. Moreover, not only does NeoSkin have the capability to grow as your business scales, but our solution is easily deployed across all devices (including phones, laptops & tablets).

The team at Beauty by Holition take pride in offering round the clock support to each and every of our clients. Here are the 3 steps to setting up NeoSkin;

  1. Get in touch with our team. Together we can figure out how best to make our solution work for you.
  2. Fill out our template with packshots of your products, their key ingredients, and label by skin concern or skin goal.
  3. Activate NeoSkin on your site in under 1 minute using just 1 line of code - it’s that simple. 

Are you ready to try NeoSkin? Sign up to your free trial today.


By Edit Kruk


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