The Importance of User Centred Design: NeoSkin Edition

May 2, 2024

As the team at Beauty by Holition set out on a mission to bring the most intuitive & seamless product to the market, we really honed in on the best practices for User Experience & Interface design (UX/ UI).

The UX & UI goal we set ourselves was to deliver the following:

  1. Education on skin, products & our technology, across the full experience
  2. Transparent & Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  3. Intuitive navigation 


With personal care (specifically skin care) being the fastest growing sector in today's environment, consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of new product launches, trends, & to know what best suits their needs. 

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In order to solve this pain point, the NeoSkin AI solution prioritises education across the whole journey; 

  1. Questionnaire: This step of the journey helps to contextualise user needs but also introduces the 5 most common skin concerns by visualising them and providing extra information, so the user can understand the first signs of fine lines & wrinkles or what constitutes uneven skin tone.
  1. The Skin Heath Matrix: This is generated in conjunction between the user and AI, helping rank the user's skin concerns and showing which skin facet is their strength. From there, the user can scroll to interact with their skin concerns, learn about their regional results (e.g., a visualisation indicating which area of the face is more dehydrated).
  1. Recommendations: The highest prioritised skin concerns are carried over into the recommendations page by acting as the corresponding tags for each product, for example; if NeoSkin detected that your highest priorities are fine lines & wrinkles, then the product tag will appear as "firming"


As pioneers of AI beauty, one of our missions is to demystify and simplify the ways AI powers our technology while acknowledging that technology is not 100% correct 100% of the time.

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Here are three ways we ensure our AI is Explainable and the process is transparent:

  1. Onboarding: As the user embarks on their real-time skin analysis journey, they are greeted with an onboarding page that communicates the three-step process, involving an AI Photo Analysis, through icons and copy.
  1. AI Photo Analysis: During the journey, as the user scans their face, NeoSkin signposts the exact moment during which AI analysis takes place by displaying the following copy: "analysing your image against millions of data points."
  1. Flexible Recommendations: At the final stage of the journey, the user has flexibility to make choices beyond AI recommendations by choosing to "filter products by selected concerns." Not only does this signal that AI photo analysis has taken place, but it also empowers the user within their choice and fosters trust.

Intuitive Navigation

Using classic UX principles, the team at Beauty by Holition considered how intuitive navigation can contribute to higher conversion rates by ensuring that users don’t drop off from the experience. Some considerations that went into ensuring lower drop off rates: 

  1. Responsive design: Ensuring that the design translates effectively between each device (e.g tablet, mobile, & desktop).
  1. Clear visual cues: For example, button placement is very important to ensure that the user can intuitively move through the journey and reach their end goal. For this we designed a progress bar, a sticky header tab (which allows users to seamlessly switch between skin health results & recommendations), We also considered visual elements such as colour, size, & iconography to highlight navigational elements.
  1. Keeping things simple: It was one of our key objectives to deliver a sleek, clean, & uncluttered interface. During user testing sessions we paid close attention to the design elements which elicited familiarity, clarity, & conveyed information efficiently.
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By Edit Kruk


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