NeoSkin: The Future of AI Beauty, & Unprecedented Brand Growth

March 27, 2024

Pioneering the frontier of AI beauty, NeoSkin harnesses cutting-edge technology for hyper-personalised experiences. Through advanced AI skin analysis and immersive AR visualisation, it crafts bespoke skincare regimens while acting as your trusted digital beauty consultant.



Why AI Beauty & Skincare is Game Changing:

The beauty industry is undergoing a transformative shift, with artificial intelligence rapidly driving innovative digital experiences that delight customers and boost brand success. Today, an estimated 28% of customers have higher expectations for virtual/remote services, and 41% unequivocally prefer brands that leverage AI for an enhanced customer experience.

Foreseeing this cultural shift, the team at Beauty by Holition has been pioneering AI beauty solutions since 2011. We launched the first-of-its-kind AI-powered skin diagnostics tool in 2020. Now, we proudly unveil NeoSkin - offering smarter personalisation, more accurate skin analysis, intuitive and immersive interactions, greater scalability, and advanced analytical capabilities.

The Core Experience:  

At NeoSkin's core is the original journey flow derived from our expertise crafting premium digital experiences, which too deploy AI skin analytics, for brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry Beauty, and JAFRA Cosmetics. The core journey consists of three key components. First, a questionnaire to better understand customer needs & to guide the AI. Second, an AI-powered face scan provides instant, visualised results. Finally, a personalised skincare routine recommendation, with optional AR tutorials on product application. While this journey powered the experiences previously crafted by Beauty by Holition, NeoSkin elevates the offering.  


Keep reading to discover what NeoSkin brings to the table.

Smarter, More Forward-Thinking, More Cutting-Edge.

Here are the three main reasons why NeoSkin leads in AI beauty and skin diagnostics:

1. Elevated User Experience & Interface

Months of iterative prototyping, user testing, and client feedback went into creating the most intuitive experience for users, retailers, and brands. From educating on skin concerns to instant visualisations to a concise interface, NeoSkin ensures customers leave feeling immersed and empowered.

2. Cutting-Edge AI Technology Advancing Personalisation

We have boosted our Face AI analysis capabilities to identify more common skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne and more. Our AI not only identifies concerns but sifts through entire product catalogues (10 to 10,000+ items) to make optimal recommendations. Through AR visualisations, NeoSkin shows concerns in real-time & helps to prioritise.

3. Advanced Analytics, Scalability & Seamless Integration

Neo Report provides a comprehensive Google Analytics-powered performance overview of NeoSkin, helping build and refine strategies. An improved SDK allows bulk, & unlimited product uploads ensuring that this tool has the capacity to grow as your business flourishes. Finally, the full out-of-the-box in-browser solution means that it’s easy to integrate (even for those that are currently guessing what an SDK is).

Experience The Future of AI Beauty With NeoSkin:

Beauty brands face a choice - continue with yesterday's segmented, transactional approach or boldly adopt the AI-powered e-commerce experiences driving loyalty and growth. Join the future by integrating Beauty by Holition's unmatched NeoSkin virtual skin diagnostics solution today.


By Edit Kruk


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