Augmented Reality Guided Tutorials: Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio Case Study

May 14, 2021

Augmented Reality for Beauty Retail

Simulating actual physical products being worn virtually by clients has always been the key focus area of Holition’s augmented reality technology, long before the introduction of 5G or the concerns brought about by COVID-19. 

Driven by our core ethos of approaching consumer retail experiences in a human-centric way, we have always been interested in the application of technology to highlight and complement the human experience.

Recognising both the potential and need for these types of experiences, Holition branched out to introduce the world's leading virtual cosmetics tool, Beauty by Holition. 

Beauty by Holition is a virtual try-on and diagnostics tool, designed to elevate the beauty retail experience through augmented reality. Our virtual cosmetics solution uses AI and machine learning to create beautiful and hyper-personalised virtual try-on experiences that enable products, services, and branded experiences to be accessed within a mere touch of a button.

These innovations in beauty retail have been pivotal in addressing consumer pain points surrounding product discovery, recommendations, and application education. (See: Maxfactor, Charlotte Tilbury, FACES, Rimmel)

Introducing Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio

Our most recent work, Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio is the prime example of how beauty brands can leverage emerging technologies to introduce a new touchpoint to consumers. Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio is a web-based digital retail experience designed alongside the launch of the brand’s Essentials Glow palette, which users can access through their own devices anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio is the world's first to market innovation that features the most advanced virtual beauty experience yet. It combines augmented reality and facial tracking technology with AI to deliver a hyper-customised virtual try-on experience, along with product recommendations and guided tutorials. 

Using our previous experience in virtual cosmetics, the guided tutorials powered by augmented reality is the newest and most ground-breaking innovation found within Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio.

Augmented Reality Guided Tutorials

After analysing the challenges found within the traditional beauty retail experience, we realised that customers often stay away from makeup or exploring new products for their lack of confidence or knowledge on self-application. 

Outside of the physical store environment, trying on cosmetics might not be as exciting for consumers who are not as confident in product application, especially since you have the benefit of relying on make-up artists or specialists to teach you how to create a look in store. To mitigate this, users tend to obtain advice from online makeup tutorials instead.

Innovating static video tutorials, we saw an opportunity to harness augmented reality to empower users to learn how to apply make-up in the most convenient way possible through their own devices at home. At the same time, we saw this as a prime opportunity to address the gap in terms of personalisation, or the ability to create your own signature look. 

The augmented reality guided tutorials are built on Beauty by Holition’s patented FACE™  technology - the first live tracking software in the market. 

Featuring 3D stylised animations superimposed on the user's face, augmented reality is used to highlight specific points of make-up application. As the facial tracking technology tracks over 100 points of the human face (i.e. face shape, eye shape, brows, mouth, and skin type), users can set their preference according to occasion and desired finish (e.g. day to night look), whilst enabling users to get acquainted with characteristics such as texture and colour.

Here’s how it works

The AR-Guided tutorials provides a highly-engaging experience, where users can intuitively interact with the technology to become their own makeup artists.

  • Our FACE™  technology scans & analyses the user’s skin tone and other facial attributes i.e. face shape, eye shape, lip shape, etc. 
  • Based on the individual’s facial features, the technology provides a foundation colour match as well as recommending other make-up products that are well-suited to complement the individual’s facial attributes.
  • Users are then able to try on their recommended products or looks through Beauty By Holition’s cutting-edge virtual cosmetics try-on functionality.
  • On the guided augmented reality tutorials functionality, we show where and how each product can be applied on the face, using 3D on-face visualisation to highlight the best areas of application to suit the individual’s unique facial features.

The experience then concludes with a direct path to purchase, creating a seamless, tech-fuelled, and highly informative retail journey.

With superior facial tracking and beautiful product visualisations, the functionalities found within Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio far exceeds other virtual cosmetics experiences by providing users with complete looks, without the need for a separate app. 

Recognised by the 2021 Muse Creative Awards and the Webby Awards, Burberry Beauty Virtual Studio is paving the way for more beauty brands to innovate and deliver a superior experience for their customers.

Get in touch to explore how Beauty by Holition can reimagine your brand’s beauty retail experience.

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