MaxFactor | My Makeup Artist Diagnostic Tool

September 18, 2020

01. Challenge - Hyper-personalisation at Scale

To tackle some of the largest pain points in the beauty customer journey, such as foundation matching, finding suitable products online and application education, Beauty by Holition worked with Coty's MaxFactor to create My Makeup Artist: An End-to-End, AI-powered Diagnostic Tool for Beauty Product and Routine Recommendations.

02. Solution - One Tool For All

The web-based experience is an all-encompassing beauty diagnostic and virtual try-on tool, designed to redefine how beauty consumers discover products, paying particular attention to women aged thirty five to fifty five.

My Makeup Artist covers several touch points along the makeup discovery journey, and is designed to gather and interpret large amounts of data points from face analysis, user input and product expertise into helpful product and application recommendations that users can then try-on virtually.

The tool uses a hybrid approach, combining an objective facial analysis (measuring face shape, lip shape, eye shape, eyebrow shape, and skin colour) with refining questions about the desired look the user is trying to achieve, what characteristics of the products they’re interested in (i.e. texture, finish, etc) and specific skin type needs. The hyper-personalised tool then uses AI and machine learning to turn this information into a concise beauty product recommendation.

03. Insight - The Next Generation of Beauty

Compared to other diagnostic tools within the beauty landscape, the objective facial analysis aspect of the My Makeup Artist tool is completely unique to My Makeup Artist, as opposed to other tools that only have singular functions or routes to hyper-personalised recommendations.

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