The Future of Personalised Skincare, powered by augmented reality

June 25, 2021

The Beauty industry has been slowly disrupted by immersive technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence with consumers’ increasing demand for automation and personalised experiences

For most brands, the shift became even more clear with the emergence of 5G and the accessibility of these types of technologies on their mobile and web devices. 

These factors motivated brands to elevate the in-store experience and redefine how consumers interact with the skincare industry.

Driven by the desire to enhance consumer retail experiences, Beauty by Holition has developed the most advanced SkinHealth analysis tool powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to reimagine the traditional beauty retail journey.

Scan your face to diagnose fine line, wrinkles, pigmentation, crow's feet and dark spots

The AI SkinHealth Application: Powered by Face SDK

After over a decade’s work in the virtual cosmetics space, Beauty by Holition discovered opportunities to address the growing need for guidance on skin health and analysis.

With a human-centric approach, Beauty by holition offers the new SkinHealth solution that uses AR and AI to break the need for expert input for skin analysis. This offers brands the ability to personalise user experiences, from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Using machine-learning algorithms, the SkinHealth application brings the most reliable and accurate facial tracking, analysis, and product recommendations for all skin types and textures in real-time.

Moreover, the agile technology is powered by the patented FaceSDK to precisely track facial attributes and skin issues including wrinkles, fine lines, spots and more. This will help users understand the most effective regimen for their specific skin concerns.

AI Skin health analysis is powered by our patented Face SDK

Intuitive Interface

As a result of extensive user research and design testing, the AI SkinHealth solution is guided by a user-friendly interface. The highly-intuitive experience enables users to seamlessly interact with and navigate through its various functionalities with ease.

The platform-agnostic tool also supports iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS platforms for seamless integrations, making it easier for brands to launch their virtual cosmetics experience without any device or region constraints.

Launch the AI guided Skincare experience on any device

Agile Diagnosis

The automation in skincare provides an interactive edge which stimulates both aesthetic and emotional needs of consumers. These needs are different for each user based on their skin concerns, which brands can now target using AI platforms.

Here, accurate detection of skin health and personalisation are the key concerns for consumers while making a purchase decision. With advanced AI features, brands can offer a detailed analysis of wrinkles, pigmentation, and textures for all skin types using-

  • Facial Tracking: a receptive technology that can now detect more than 100 points on a human face, thus recognising different facial expressions.
  • Facial Analysis: an algorithm that distinctly recognises attributes like eyes, nose, and lips for any skin health issues on a human face.
  • Product Recommendation:  a deep learning technology that filters data to provide end-users with tailored knowledge of specific products.

This cross-platform skincare health analysis unites deep learning and artificial intelligence to understand the health of different skin types for the most effective solutions using real-world data.  

Get best Product Recommendation using Facial tracking and Analysis technology

Adaptive Learning

By analysing thousands of individuals with varied skin problems in different physical environments, our researchers captured elements to precisely equate the in-store experience on a digital platform.

While elevating in-store services, the digital experience offers a series of touch points that brands can customise in a few easy clicks to influence the ever changing needs of consumers based on their behaviour or demographics.

Consumers can re-do assessments to track their skin health over a period of time. This provides brands with key data to filter user-specific information for relevant product suggestions.

Moreover, the AR core directs the personal skin measurement using a CMS system. The Content Management System allows brands to manage their inventory and product visualisation to simplify the experience of end-users.

Content Management System to calibrate a range of products

Marketing Data Analytics: privacy and safety

In the digital age, brands need to identify key data sets that directly affect consumer engagement and the performance of marketing channels to elevate the end-user experience.

On this note, retailers can now gain a competitive edge by tracking user behaviour ranging from dwell time to product preference in the virtual experience through usage and tracking statistics. 

Here, AI-enabled analytics enables brands to track the performance of products and marketing channels for optimum personalisation. This solution operates entirely on the user’s browser to value data safety, privacy, low latency and scalability at no additional cost.

The highly reliable AI SkinHealth solution is completely web-based which ensures that no user information gets misused during the digital journey. This becomes possible when AI models are embedded in the web page and image data is not processed outside the user’s browser.

Web-based solution for Data Privacy and Safety

Concluding Thoughts

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence enable consumers to experience hyper-personalised solutions targeting accurate diagnosis of skin health, facial tracking, consultation, and product recommendations.

The skincare experts who direct the changing consumer dynamics are now trusting the AI SkinHealth powered by FaceSDK as the most accurate assessment tool for skin health enthusiasts.

The highly intuitive interface prioritises the privacy of consumers and data safety. This assures that no user data is compromised in comparison to a server-based solution.

Beauty by Holition brings a platform-agnostic application that embraces AI and AR to direct user-specific products by translating the skin health analyses, needs, and behavioural information from consumers. 

Get in touch with Beauty by Holition to find out how AI SkinHealth Analysis can optimise your digital journey to raise consumer engagement.

Best Regards

Beauty by Holition Team

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