£300 per Month
£800 per Month
Premium +
£2,000 per Month
£5,000 per Month
Number of Makeup SKUs
Number of Hits per Week
No Beauty by Holition Watermark
Usage & Tracking Statistics
Before & After Slider
Face & Skin-tone Analysis Module
Product Recommendation Engine
4-Way Makeup Comparison
Try-on Looks
Product Categories
5,000 included
+ £0.002 Per Additional Hit
5 included
+ £100 Per Additional Look
10 included
+ £100 Per Additional Look
30,000 included
+ £0.002 Per Additional Hit
150,000 included
+ £0.002 Per Additional Hit
500 included
All Categories Available
All Categories Available
30 included
One category of
100 included
+ £2.00 Per Additional SKU
Lipsticks, Eyeshadow & Eyeliners, Foundations
500 included
+ £2.00 Per Additional SKU
Included in all Packages
Try-On Single Product
Calibration Portal Access
Take a Picture & Share
Product Add ons
Advanced Foundation Pack (Per Month)
Add AR Tutorials Module (Per Month)
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