Virtual Cosmetics Lab™ packages

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£400 per Month
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£800 per Month
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30 included

200 included + £2.00 Per Additional SKU

Number of Makeup SKUs

The quantity of cosmetics products you can calibrate and visualise in your virtual try-on experience.

All Categories Available

One Category Of Choice

All Categories Available

Product Categories

Which types of cosmetics products are available for you to calibrate and visualise in your virtual try-on experience.




Number of Languages

These are the number of language you can use to launch the experience and make it more user specific

Before & After Slider

View a before and after comparison of your cosmetics products try-on in real-time.

10 included+ £100 Per Additional Look

1 included

3 included

Try-on Looks

Enable simultaneous try-on of a combination of cosmetics products. Create your unique look!

Usage & Tracking Statistics

Get access to bespoke analytics reports illustrating the usage of your virtual try-on experience.

No Beauty by Holition Watermark

Remove any Beauty by Holition branding from your web application, and replace with your own brand’s imagery.

Glow Beauty Filter

Renders a healthy glow on the user’s skin with three different presets for unique skin enhancement using AR

Product Recommendation & Face Analysis

Use our powerful AI to analyse and build attributes unique to you. Our engine will recommend products specifically for your face and skin types.

AI Shade Finder

Enable our Foundation Shade Finder technology that can match any number of skin-tones to a full product catalogue.

Virtual Skincare Lab™

Model with Virtual Skincare Lab results

Uses advanced AI models to detect face skin issues and provide skin-care recommendations using thousands of skin-care products.
Analyse for Spots and blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, pigmentation, skin-tone, and more.
Deploy our solution to thousands of stores and websites at the click of a button.