Our Go-to solutions easily calibrates a range of makeup & skincare products on different platforms such as web, mobile, and in-store mirrors without the need of special technical support.

Neo Beauty Studio

AR Makeup Techology
The reimagined Virtual Try-Ons pairs AR and AI with playful features to boost consumer engagement and sales.

Powered by our patented FACE SDK technology, the tool tracks over hundreds of 3D points to provide a personalised and immersive makeup shopping experience.
Asses fine lines, wrinkles and more using our AI Skin health assessment tools.
Virtual Skincare Lab
AI Skin Health Analysis
Begin a skincare journey by accurately diagnosing acne, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and more from your mobile or web camera. 

Our Go-to solution uses a custom Q/A, facial tracking, and face scan AI models with bespoke product recommendations for all skin types and genders.


AI Foundation Match
Click, scan and find your perfect foundation shade with our AI-powered shade-matching technology, deployable on Mac, Windows, iOS and more. 

As part of our go-to solutions, the tool auto-arranges shades from light to dark and creates a unique profile for each user to compare their recommended shade.
Virtual makeup for any skin tone