Beauty by Holition Team

Dr Russell Freeman

Co-Founder and CEO/CTO of Beauty by Holition

10 years experience working in the luxury beauty sector. Graduate with PhD in Computer Vision and Graphics from UCL.

Katsiaryna Matusevich

VP of Engineering of Beauty by Holition and Head of Research and Development in Holition, MSc/MEng

More than 10 years experience in AI and Software Engineering.

Dr Jonathan Chippindale

Co-Founder and CEO of Holition, Co-Founder and Director of Beauty by Holition

Over 35 years of senior management experience in luxury and beauty sectors.

Evridiki Varamili

Business Development Manager for Beauty by Holition

More than 7 years of Business Development and Marketing experience in the hospitality and luxury sector.

Ayushi Agrawal

Marketing Manager for Beauty by Holition

With 4 years of experience in luxury product design and business development for AR & AI guided experiences.

Our team made up of talented professionals with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, Humanised Technology, Product Development, Business Strategy and Marketing, with more than 20 years of collective experience in the luxury sector and augmented retail.
Beauty By Holition’s team have won multiple awards through the years, as we have successfully completed tailor made projects for the most distinguished luxury global brands as well as small and mid size brands, whilst always working to improve our virtual-try-on solutions to reach exceptional performance for our clients.
Our brand culture and commitment to improve the customers retail experience is the key to our success.
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