Reimagining Beauty Retail with Virtual Cosmetics

September 23, 2020

The Beauty industry is dramatically modifying with emerging innovation and interactive technologies. After conducting a discourse analysis, this article entails the impactful shift towards digitisation in response to the evolving consumer behavior.

The tech makeover every beauty brand needs

Virtual cosmetic uses AR technology to blend physical and digital environments by layering virtual elements in the real world. 


By stepping into the mainstream culture, virtual cosmetics is driving success metrics for beauty brands through minimal risks and increased product accessibility through a playful dimension.

Address Choice Paralysis

Brands can now develop bespoke product categories without investing huge capital over an extensive range based on consumer’s specific interest.

Eliminating difficult touch points during trial and selection using AR, consumers can now instantly test a range of products and make informed decisions without worrying about beauty consultation. 

Spark Experimentation

Beauty industry incorporates virtual cosmetics to drive both memorable and emotional experiences for consumers. Moreover with 3D graphics and interactive visuals, brands can now educate customers about complementary products and services. 


This allows beauty retailers to create an interest-network for consumers for influence their purchase decisions and thereby polishing valuable relationships for long term goals.


Stimulate Real Life Experiences

With sensitive technological innovation such as live-tracking and hyper-realistic layering, virtual cosmetics are now upgraded to tailor beauty products for any skin-tone and face-shape.

As a result consumers can delve in immersive experiences through sensory calibrations that provides real-time suggestions and allow consumers to assess the customisable looks. 


Technical comfort

Virtual cosmetics allows consumers to try-on numerous make-up looks using front-facing cameras on mobile devices or in-store mirrors.

Especially when smartphone usage is increasing, adoption of virtual cosmetics is also increasing exponentially. 

As a result, beauty brands can harness facial mapping technology and user-friendly interfaces to entice consumers for hassle-free interactions. 


Trade & Transactions 

Setting purchase intentions becomes easier when brands can measure the gap between consumer’s interest and buying behaviour through data captured on virtual try-on platforms. 


Whilst positively affecting trials and tribulations of selling, retailers can also elevate their omnichannel strategies using virtual cosmetics by assessing real-time consumer interactions.



The technological dominance within the beauty and retail sector is now becoming more achievable through the powerful analytics offered by Beauty by Holition.  

The world’s first live tracking feature is scalable across platforms that allows brands to implement omnichannel strategies and harvest a rich consumer engagement. 

By shaping the future of digital interactions with the world’s leading virtual cosmetic tool, Beauty by Holition entices consumers to experiment and engage with brands through user-friendly interfaces.

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