Cyber Monday: How beauty brands can optimise their online platforms

November 26, 2020

What is Cyber Monday about? 

Cyber Monday is known as the virtual and global shopping event after American Thanksgiving weekend, and also when online retailers tend to have remarkable sales on

their products. This year, Cyber Monday will take place on Monday November 30th. 

In 2019, Cyber Monday had reached the feat of $9.4 billion in digital spending. This year, sales are expected to increase from the previous year, as a result of the 2020

COVID-19 pandemic. 

In fact, beauty retailers can benefit from this trend by ensuring that their websites are as user-friendly and interactive as possible. This article will present some tips and

benefits of having a seamless digital shopping experience, specifically for online beauty retailers. 

Benefits of participating in Cyber Monday 

1. Maximise client reach 

Throughout this time of the year, clients are more willing to purchase than usual, hence they’re further down the “Customer Acquisition Funnel”. 

Hence, by making your products accessible with the use of an effective website, your likelihood of obtaining a sales conversion will increase. 

Customer acquisition and retention: How can you do it? | Articles |  GlobalLinker

2. Acquire customers faster 

Rather than investing in expensive social media campaigns, participating in Cyber Monday can help you acquire and retain customers, under the condition that they have

a pleasant purchase and post-purchase experience. These “happy customers” are also more likely to use word of mouth marketing to informally advertise your brand to

their friends and family. 

3. Obtain customer data to generate a “lookalike audience” 

Whenever clients are browsing your site and click on functions such as “view product”, “add to cart”, and “initiate checkout”, you gain access to their data, as well as the

types of products that are popular amongst their customer segment. 

With this information, you can generate a “lookalike audience”, which is a group of social network members that share the same consumer characteristics as another

group of members. 

The creation of a “lookalike audience” allows you to retarget your products to this new group of clientele, and increases the probability of another successful set of


Tips to have your best website for Cyber Monday 

1. Target the right keywords 

In order to drive traffic to your website, it is important to be one of the top pages that appear on the results page of any search engine. In order to do this, consider

bidding on keywords that are highly popular throughout Cyber Monday. The best way to determine the appropriate keywords to lead to the website of your beauty

brands is to do your research on websites such as Word Tracker

2. Inform your audience

Since makeup purchase decisions often require a lot of time and consideration, it’s important to provide clients with as much information as possible on your website. In

addition to various E-commerce shots, be sure to include a detailed product description, as well as the product name and reference number, in case the client wants to

purchase this product at a later time. 

3. Push consumers to purchase 

Successful makeup brands use strategies in order to “funnel” clients to the point of purchase. Some examples of these strategies are inserting customer testimonials at

the top of the “Buy Now” button, or creating a sense of urgency for some of their products. A popular example of brands creating “urgency” is when they display a bright

red banner at the top of the product page, to inform clients that these products are only on sale for a limited amount of time. 

4. Use strategies to prevent shopping cart abandonment 

Successful makeup brands use a variety of tactics to avoid shopping cart abandonment on their site, such as allowing clients to save the items in their shopping cart, or

permitting the “Guest Checkout” option in case they do not have an account. Makeup brands also try to avoid unnecessary steps in the purchase process such as

removing additional fields of information, and providing various payment options to facilitate the purchase process. 

5. Create an Immersive Online Shopping Experience 

Now more than ever, it is important to make consumers feel comfortable when shopping online, especially when the in-store purchase experience may no longer be an

option due to strict lockdown measures introduced due to the spread of COVID-19. As a result, beauty retailers should invest a significant amount of time in creating a

seamless and personalised online shopping experience for consumers, in order to make their retail journey engaging, accessible, and efficient. 

Some ways to do this are by adding relevant music, moving graphics, or various shopping “rooms”. The Jo Malone Townhouse is an excellent example of an immersive

shopping experience. 

6. Consider establishing a virtual makeup try-on platform 

A virtual makeup try-on is a tool that uses accurate facial mapping technology to give clients a “virtual makeover”.  Clients have the option to either use a live camera, or

upload an existing selfie. This tool allows clients to try on various shades, looks, and makeup textures at once. 

It also features a “before and after” slider, in order to help clients visualise the impact of their makeup look, in addition to building a customised profile for consumers to

recommend them the best products for their facial features. The virtual try-on tool comes in two different formats: web-based or app-based. The web-based format is

embedded directly onto the website of the retailer, and allows consumers to access the tool from any device.

On the other hand, the app-based format is suitable for beauty retailers that already have an existing application. In this case, the retailer is provided with a software

development kit (SDK) to integrate the Beauty Engine onto their online platform. With regards to the Customer Acquisition Funnel, a virtual try-on tool facilitates the

decision-making process of consumers.

This phenomenon often drives consumers from the “Decision-Making” phase of the purchase journey to the “Purchase” phase of the purchase journey, thereby leading

to a greater sales volume for any beauty retailer. Some examples of popular brands that have managed to successfully establish a virtual try-on software are MaxFactor

and Rimmel London

If your brand wants to consider establishing this platform onto their website, please speak with a team member at Beauty by Holition. 

Concluding Remarks 

We hope that this article provided a comprehensive range of information to get your beauty brand’s website up and running in time for Cyber Monday 2020. 

With consideration to the above benefits and tips for participating in Cyber Monday, your brand is destined to be successful. At Beauty by Holition, we aspire to help

brands enhance their virtual platforms, in order to create a more customisable and interactive consumer experience. 

Let Beauty by Holition help you rebuild your brand's virtual cosmetics and digital retail experience. Contact us for more details.

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