Our affordable solutions easily calibrates a range of makeup & skincare products on different platforms such as web, mobile, and in-store mirrors without the need of special technical support.

Neo Beauty Studio

AR Makeup Techology
The upgraded cosmetic virtual try-ons with playful and creative features increase consumer engagement, conversions and sales.

Our patented FACE SDK technology uses AR and AI to track more than four hundreds 3D points to:

Apply any makeup product
Layers multiple makeup products
Create beautiful makeup looks
Share looks on Social media
Virtual Skincare Lab
AI Skin Health Analysis
Experience the extraordinary power of AI with skincare expertise. Our AI-guided tool accurately diagnoses your skin for wrinkles, pigmentation, spots, blemishes, fine lines, crow's feet, and uneven skin tone.

Through meticulously crafted Q/A, facial tracking, and face scan AI models, our tool goes beyond expectations, delivering personalized product recommendations for every skin type and gender.

Unlock the secrets to a radiant and flawless skin like never before.


AI Shade Finder
Our advanced Foundation shade finding technology uses Deep Learning AI to find and match the accurate foundation shade for user's specific skin-tone. The scientific lighting models smoothly renders and blends foundation in real time for realistic results.
Click, scan and find perfect foundation shade
Match any number of skin-tones to a full product catalogue
Use mobile, web or tablets to scan face
Filter products for ideal foundation matches
Auto-arrange products from light to tan shade

Explore how Metaverse Solutions can be your guide.


Virtual makeup is the future of beauty in the Metaverse. Beauty by Holition's AR technology leads the way with its integrated virtual cosmetics lab, personalised product recommendations, and makeup tutorials.

Experience the convenience and fun of trying on products, experimenting with looks, and sharing on social media, all in a shared virtual environment. Get ready for a whole new world of beauty.
Try-on beauty products virtually in a shared virtual environment with our Virtual Cosmetics Lab. 
 Experiment with different makeup looks and share them on social media.
Receive personalised product recommendations with our Shader Finder Lab.
 Learn how to apply makeup with our Virtual Tutorials Lab.


Beauty by Holiton collaborated with Goldsheep, and Studio Blup for Coty’s Kylie Jenner world to create a unique metaverse experience.

5X increase
Purchase intent
25.5 k
Purchase intent
2 min 2 sec
Average engagement time
78% of visitors
Accepted gyroscope permission
71% of users
Entered more than one room
12% of users
Purchase intent
5% of visitors
Completed purchase

Create personalised beauty and skincare solutions to elevate your customer experience.


Customising UX is the process of designing products and experiences that are relevant and meaningful to your end users resulting in higher user engagement, satisfaction & conversion. Our process involves:
Empathising with the user & business needs
Defining the base journey & key features.
Exploring journey & design alternatives.
 Testing and amending the journey & design solutions to cater best to the user needs and business objectives.



Coty and Rimmel comissioned our virtual try-on technology to develop and deploy the first hyper-scalable AR try-on stations to be available to Rite Aid stores customers across the USA.